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Need to allow our Application Developers to use NodeJS and JavaScript.

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Hi all,

We have ESET Endpoint Security on Windows 10.  Managed by ESET Protect Cloud.

We have App Developers who need to use NodeJS and JavaScript.  Can anyone tell me what I need to do to make sure they can work? I prefer to use policy applied to their group if possible.

This error pops up on the developer's screen:


This is what I see in the cloud manager:



I've tried adding a couple things to a policy that's applied to that computer group:

Added C:\SourceCode\* to a performance exclusion in Detection Engine area.

Added the C:\Sour....\esbuild.exe to Processes to be excluded from scanning in Real-time file system protection area.

The next time he tried to add another package, he got the error again.

Anybody know what I'm doing wrong?



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I guess I should add that since he got the error again, I clicked on the listing under "Submitted Files" and clicked on "Create Exclusion".  Then changed the assignment to the group.

I won't know if this works until the next time he tries to add another package. I'd like to know before he gets another error. Does anybody know, is this what I should have done?


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Please submit the file(s) to samples[at]eset.com in an archive encrypted with the password "infected" and "Possible FP - Suspicious object" in the subject.

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