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Android virus keeps downloading even after removed my eset.

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Recently I installed a modded app but after I saw it downloading viruses, I removed it with eset mobile security. I also did a full scan on my device with eset. But the problem is that the virus keeps downloading itself again and again. And eventhough eset can detect and remove the virus once it is downloaded but it can't identify the source from where the virus is downloading. So please help me identify and eliminate the source of the virus. Also I would like to not reset my device if possible. Thanks in advance.


I have uploaded the screenshot of the report in eset for the last two days. 




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Yeah I have removed "weiq" quite a number of times but it keeps reinstalling itself somehow so please tell me how to stop that from happening. Thank you.

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Found a solution... I used the dns of the nextdns.io and used it to log the domain names my mobile was requesting and found that these two websites downloaded the viruses - "mad.dwphonetest.com" and "mobile.ezicqw.cn" and then blocked them in the nextdns.io website. But still couldn't find the source which was requesting these websites.

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