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ESET (internal - What's new?


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Good evening,


tried to login this forum via facebook, as long time used, it's not possible, today. Ok, so I created own account for the future (from "hrgajek" to "hrgajek22" 🙂

Installed ESET NOD32 on another machine, download offered me this evening.

Changed to my own machine with on it and checked for update, It was offered, too.

It's a weird thing, that internal fileversions (see file properties) have allways another number, than the marketing driven, official numbering.

So the latest is internally called 

I've experienced many times, new version were out *before* this valuable forum, had the time to announce it. 🙂


To come to the point: What's new inside ?


Thanks and little late a happy new year to all.




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