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Eset email spoof problem??!!

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Hello. I tried to install eset and instead of prompting me to register in the program it opened up by browser and then told me to register. I did and then i went to my email and proton mail told me the domain  name had been spoofed. On top of all that my computer has been repeatedly rebooting/restarting all on it's own. I checked windows update and now the settings for manual update are not there anymore, instead it asks when I want to allow Microsoft to restart my computer when I'm not there. Have I been hacked? My previous anti virus was eset premium. It expired and a week later i uninstalled and reinstalled in safe mode.


Have I been hacked? How do I know I'm not on a spoofed forums right now?


eset_smart_security_premium_live_installer_3.rar  edit: I installed adaware anti virus and while it searched for malware/viruses it suddenly went to screen saver and rebooted.  Odd problem I had is that the screen saver would not run unless I clicked on test, it never ran before by it self, now it runs all the time without needing me to input it to start. And then it reboots me..

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I'd suspect a problem of protonmail.com mail server misconfiguration. If SPF and / or DKIM checks were failing, many more users would be already reporting it,

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