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"New computer connected for the first time" message appeared for an existing server

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Last night around 8 PM I got an email from our ESET Protect installation (Server, Version 9.0 (9.0.1141.0), Web Console, Version 9.0 ( informing me that a new computer had connected for the first time. The computer in question was a production SQL server, Windows 2012 R2, running ESET Server Security 8.0.12010.0 and ESET management agent 9.0.1141.0. It has a static IP address and it hadn't rebooted or installed a Windows update; it was just running normal processes for that time of night. When I checked its event log there didn't seem to be anything unusual in Applications or Systems other than a notice that certain logfile writes were unusually slow, and a notification that the ESET agent service had stopped and then started.

My web console now shows this machine twice, with one of them not having connected since last night. What happened, and why? And is it safe to remove one of the two versions of the server from the console? Tomorrow is our maintenance window for Windows updates and I'll be updating and rebooting the box in question then; should I wait until it comes back up before touching the ESET settings?

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