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After upgrade to Version 9.x agent, windows system update task doesn't restart after task is done.


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I have noticed a trend with the version 9.x agent and running the client install task for Windows Update. Before upgrading to Version 9.x agent, when running the "Operating System Update" client task and having all boxes checked for "Automatically accept EULA, Install optional updates and Allow Reboot"  the system would restart after updates were done. With version 9, its almost a 4 hour delay until reboot is performed which is causing havoc for customers production servers. For one of the affected servers in the event log for SYSTEM it shows >> image.png.05ae4c5506afc0b4ef05c4c2bce114c5.png

The task started at 10:12am and this is not showing until 1:42 PM. I even tested a 6.5 agent and the reboot was done right after all windows updates were done. This is happening on Windows Server OS 2009-2019. Issue can be easily reproduced in any environment. Is issue currently being worked on? 

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  • ESET Staff

Seems that this will be unexpected impact of changes that were introduced and were supposed to resolve complains of users that reboot is performed immediately after various actions, without notifying users. That is why there is a 4 hour delay, and also notification for user if there would be any logged in in desktop environment (if present).

There are also planned and ongoing changes in this behavior in a more proper way that would enable administrator to configure certain aspects of reboot behavior, as is possibility to f users to postpone/delay reboot, etc, but as of now, there is no other alternative than to reboot those machines explicitly if 4 hour delay is too much.

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