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Eset MDM and Android 12 - End of the game?

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I want to raise an issue that for some reason didn't get the attention it most needed.
I want to talk about the changes Google made in Android 12 that makes impossible to enroll Android 12 devices to ESET PROTECT, using Device Owner mode. from now on we can only enroll new devices as Device Admin, not Device Owner. That means that ESET can no longer provide enterprise-owned devices with such protections as USB file transfer blocking and much, much more!

In Android 12, google moved from the "Google Play EMM API" to newer "Android Managed API"

In the new version, a key elements were deprecated, such as ACTION_PROVISION_MANAGED_DEVICE.

  • DPC developers that want to support QR code or other provisioning methods must implement handlers for the DevicePolicyManager#ACTION_GET_PROVISIONING_MODE and DevicePolicyManager#ACTION_ADMIN_POLICY_COMPLIANCE intent actions. If the DPC doesn't implement these handlers, provisioning will fail.

That means that if ESET wont take action ASAP and move to the newer DPC model, we'll have to look elsewhere for fully functional MDM/EMM solution.

I hope to hear from ESET about this matter.

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Just now, Marcos said:

This is caused by a bug in Android v12, waiting for Google to fix it.

I hope you are right and it's a bug, but according to the documentation I linked to in my post, it's not a bug, it's a feature 😁.

Google want 3rd party MDM/EMM providers to relay on Google's in-house DPC (Device Policy Controller). For this reason they no longer accepting new DPC registration requests, and want's you to use Android Managed API. 

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