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esetuninstaller automation


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Dear ESET users and support teams, hellou!

Happy New year to all, hope we have a better one.

I'm writing you regarding a removal of ESET Endpoint leftovers on remote machines with esetuninstaller. Is there any way, cmd or ps script, to automate esetuninstaller job on a large number of machines?

Script should:

1. Make backup of network settings in Win Normal session

2. Boot cumputer in SAFE mode

3. Log on with local admin account

4. Run esetuninstaller /force (couple of time maybe)

5. Copy esetuninstaller.log file to some shared folder

5. Boot back in Windows Normal session


This would help me a lot in many cases.


ESET Support, Serbia

Best regards,


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Dear Marcos,

Thank you for your reply. I believe it is not easy to make one, but such a task through an EP server would be a tremendous improvement, a deal maker in deployment routine, especially for Windows 7 that are still widely spread in government institutions.

We used to have /nosafemode switch and admins would greatly appreciate bringing that one back in an improved way, no matter the potential problems that can occur in a small percentage. In my practice, there were maybe a few of them in thousands of easily resolved cases.

Thank you,

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