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Uninstalling ESET NOD32 antivirus

Guest avisindo

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Guest avisindo

Every time I try to uninistall I am prevented from doing so by a message informing me that another application has exclusive access. However I am not told what this appliciation is.


When I try to seek information I get

ESET,  spol  s r.o.



Now when I try other ways suggested by ESET support pages I am told that various files and drivers cannot be found.


I am now unprotected by ESET and ESET is preventing any other anti virus applications to be downloaded.


Where do I go from here please?


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I would add to this - not sure if this should be in the business forums though?  Since moving to the MSP RA model and no longer having access to do remote push installations through the Remote Administrator, we had to fall back on creating a script that deploys ESET using the msi etc.  When I began using the script (after some testing and readjustment) to deploy ESET Endpoint Antivirus at our clients' sites (to replace NOD32 Business Edition; usually 4.2, but sometimes 4.1), I would always find (and still do) that some of the endpoints would fail to upgrade due to the error that "Guest_avisindo" mentions above.  I should add that particular error has been the exception, not the norm (I would say perhaps once out of every 50 clients - approximate), but I do encounter a slightly more common error (say every 6 out of 50 wherein I get a series of error messages indicating there is an permissions issue making changes to various eset .dll's.

These occurances, albeit rare almost always force me to have to track down the endpoints where the failure occured, boot them into Safe Mode (remotely!  Not fun!), run the ESET Uninstaller, reboot into normal mode, and install ESET Endpoint AV again.

This also occurs on servers that I previously had NOD32 Business Edition running on, and have been upgrading to ESET File Security - in those situations however, I'm not running the upgrade script, but instead a simple uninstall script following up by an installation script for File Security.  Rebooting a workstation into Safe Mode - not a big deal; doing so with a server of course forces me to have to wait until after hours to do the repair. =)  No worries, just venting a bit.

I have images available that show the .dll access errors if anyone would care to see - just not sure how to bring them over to these forums short of creating a photo-hosting account, -

Any insights that would reduce or even eliminate these occurances would be much aprpeciated!

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If you receive the error mentioned in the initial post, try disabling self-defense and restarting the computer prior to uninstalling ESET and see if it makes a difference.

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I did a uninstall on NOD32 trial version and then thinking that it was gone I upgraded Advanced System Care Pro to 'Ultimate' with antivirus.

Now I find that NOD32 did not uninstall and I can't access ASC.

Right now NOD is doing a startup scan and has been cranking away for over an hour.

I did like the trial and thought I would come back to it after trying ASC but right now I need to get it out of my PC.


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Download the ESET Uninstall Tool and follow the instructions in ESET Knowledgebase Article # 2289, "How do I manually uninstall my Windows ESET product?" to perform a manual uninstall of ESET NOD32 Antivirus from Safe Mode.

I would also recommend uninstalling and then reinstalling the other anti-malware program following their instructions as well, just to ensure you have a clean install of their software.


Aryeh Goretsky

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