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Firewall popups stop appearing in interactive mode

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Hi, I seem to be experiencing the same issue as this user in the latest version of ESET Internet Security ( After a while of running the application without issue, the usual popups to ask the user to allow/deny new network requests stop appearing and every new request is quietly blocked automatically.  The blocked application doesn't appear in the 'Troubleshooting wizard' list either, so it seems that this bug has prevented multiple things from working properly.

It seems to start happening at random times, and once it does start the only way to fix it is to restart the entire PC because ESET cannot be restarted on its own. I can temporarily bypass the problem by disabling the firewall completely, but this is obviously not a desirable step.

Having to restart my PC whenever this happens is very annoying and I'd really like to find a solution to this.

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If you didn't install v15 from scratch but have also custom firewall rules created years ago by an older version, I'd recommend resetting settings to defaults or uninstall EIS and installing it from scratch.

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