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Non Functional AND Module Update Failed


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Two days ago my computer started to crash for the first time, this has coincided with my ESET Endpoint Security (Product Version 8.0.2039.0) showing me errors.

No.1 Error is the Protection Status says "Antivirus protection is non functional"

No.2 Error is it says there are updates available but when I check for updates, it then attempts to update and fails by saying "Modules update failed - General Compiler error". I have attempted F5 and clearing the update Cache, but this doesn't work.

Please can I have some more suggestions or help on this?

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Weird that advanced update engine logging was not enabled. Did you enable advanced logging under Details for technical support? If not, please do so, run update, disable logging and collect fresh logs with ELC.

We will check the logs then. If you would like to get it sorted asap, I'd recommend uninstalling Endpoint and installing the latest v9.0.

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