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How to add files to exclusion list at the end of analyse?

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I ran a Nod32 scan on a particular folder of my Windows 10 machine, and it ended up with few false positive that I'd like to exclude from detection so that I'm not bothered with them in the future anymore.

At the end of the analyse (which I started with a right click on the folder, then 'Analyse') a window appear saying that detections have been found and asking me what I want to do.

Here is the issue: the only choice I have is either to:

_ clean

_ delete

_ do nothing

If I choose 'clean', then the files are moved into the quarantine area.

When I go to the quarantine area, I select all the elements and I right click, the 'restore and add to exclusion' option is grayed out !
I can select one by one all the elements and do 'restore and add to exclusion' but I don't want that as there is  a lot of files and I don't have time for this.



How can I have this option enabled back again?


Thank you a lot for your help,



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Exclusions are available only for potentially unwanted and unsafe applications. If you want to exclude an actual threat for whatever reason at your own risk, you must create a detection exclusion manually.

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Thank you for your answer.
Even though I understand exclusions are available for potentially unwanted ans unsafe applications, I find this approach not convenient when it comes to add multiple known to be safe files to exclusion list.

I guess enabling a bulk exclusion feature would be nice to have, given the user is sufficiently warned about the potential risks involved.

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