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Email Stuck in Transport Queues

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Exchange servers 2016 and 2019 where affected by transport malware bug from Microsoft, my question is does Microsoft malware protection needs to be running on my Exchange server 2016 or I can left it in disabled state ?

More on the problem: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/exchange-team-blog/email-stuck-in-transport-queues/ba-p/3049447

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1 minute ago, itman said:

I am aware of the fix, but wondering since I have Eset for scanning for malware do I need to enable the protection provided by Microsoft if I use eset for main protection on transport level ? The main question is what is best practice, usually I left this by default and did not disable it, but would like to know if someone from Eset could explain it in more detail. 

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18 minutes ago, Ivica Rebic said:

The main question is what is best practice,


If you are installing on Windows Server 2016, Microsoft recommends to uninstall Windows Defender Features and withdraw from Windows Defender ATP enrollment to prevent problems caused by having multiple antivirus products installed on a machine.


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19 minutes ago, itman said:

I am well aware of the issue and recommendation from Eset documentation, what I am asking is that this protection is part of the Exchange 2016, it is malware engine on transport level but you can disable it. We have Windows 2012 so of course there was no need to uninstall WDF like you suggested. Do not know if you own exchange server, my doubt in all of this is did I need that part of Microsoft antimalware if I own eset protection for exchange. Dose it work/help eset to function properly or is it just another layer of security and eset is the main protection on all layers, because it seems to me that i dont need it ? 

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