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ESET Internet Security slows down Windows Start

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I have an NMVE SSD hard drive Samsung 970 EVO Pro

When I run Windows

Edition Windows 10 Pro
Version 21H1
Installed on November 28, 2021
OS build 19043.1387

start it takes about 20 seconds until I see the user interface and can work.

Now when I install ESET Internet Security version, my system start takes a good minute.

The system start has only lasted so long since Windows made its updates, but you can't prevent that. Windows forced updates have to be made one way or another at some point.

Why does the system start take so long?

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Wo genau finde ich den Echtzeitschutz oder HIPS um es mal auszuprobieren


Machine translation:

Where exactly can I find real-time protection or HIPS to try it out

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Since this is an English forum, please keep the communication in English.

Real-time protection and HIPS can be disabled in the advanced setup.

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7 hours ago, d3adfish said:

what about the "system startup file check"  that's in "scheduler"?  i have that unchecked. i know that improves boot times. 

 is that really needed after you have run a full scan?

Startup scans should not have a noticeable effect on performance. They are run with low priority so unless all your CPU cores are utilized by other resource intensive tasks, you should not notice them running.

Startup scan tasks are important since they regularly scan also areas where fileless malware resides, such as the registry or WMI.

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