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ESET Windows Server File Security looks different while installed same kit on Win Srv 2008 and 2022

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This is very VERY unfair! Installing same kit file on 2 different servers, .. result in totally missing /Network Protection /Web & Email modules on Windows 2008 while it is present on Windows 2022.

I'm very curious to know WHY ?

a shocked Bogdan

2021 12 23 File Security on Windows 2008.jpg

2021 12 23 File Security on Windows 2022.jpg

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This is to prevent serious system stability issues on Windows Server 2008 / R2 due to a bug in the OS.

Please carry on as follows:

- uninstall ESET and reboot the server
- make sure that KB2664888 is installe
- run the ESET Server Security v8 installer in custom mode
- make sure that Web access and Network protection are selected to install
- go through the installation wizard and finish installation.

Note that Microsoft ended support for Windows Server 2008 R2 in Jan 2020, ie. 2 years ago. The operating system is not considered secure afterwards.

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There is no SP2 for Windows Server R2 as I have installed.
Never mind. I would like to really benefit by ESET Gateway for TMG, I discover it only 1 month ago and you are discontinued in few days :( Not even a test licence I was not able to obtain. So sad.

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