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Can Era Rename Clients Whenever Computername Changes?


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I am building a new image for a number of computers, some of which will be under  control of my domain, others of which will just be in a workgroup. All computers will ultimately have Endpoint Antivirus installed and will point back to a central ERA server. My first thought was to simply install NOD32 as part of the master image. As each computer is imaged , it will be manually renamed, and either added to the domain or workgroup. I guess my question is how exactly does ERA determine the client name, and after a computer has Nod32 installed, is there a way to have ERA automatically match the client’s name to the machine’s computername? I’ve tried setting “Enable Computer Name Renaming” to yes, and then manually renaming a machine, but the ERA  client name doesn’t change to match. What am I missing here?

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From my experience ERA can't rename client automatically. If you will change computer name, ERA will see it as new client. My suggestion - don't connect the new-cloned workstations to network, rename them first, it will make things easier.

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