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Windows Server 2012 + SQLServer + Endpoint => Backup problem

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Hello, good morning, I have a server with the following problem, it is running windows server 2012 R2, it has the following endpoint and agent versions installed

ESET Management Agent 9.0.1141.0 Updated version
ESET Server Security 8.0.12010.0 Updated version

I need to make a backup of several databases that are inside the SQL Server, but apparently the antivirus prevents its execution.

One solution would be to stop the antivirus, but there on the server I have viruses still running around, and I don't know if it could generate more problems, and the other solution would be to tell the antivirus that I am going to write in a specific path to avoid blocking it.

If you can give me your opinions, I will gladly read them.


Thanks in advance



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