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Hello, Please Listening For Me.

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Hello.  I see on the website hxxp://www.eset.com/...ta/edition2015/ 
See information problems in the beta ESET Smart 8. 
Known Issues.
• EGUI (sometimes also OS) hangs up for Interactive HIPS mode
• HIPS: Edit rule window not fully displayed after enabling/disabling and modifiying
• Expired TRIAL/Beta license restricts product functionality
I want to fully share with additional beta test, which is not yet enough information to: 
Don't Read and scan all file and archive: RAR, ZIP, .tmp - it does not open and view files, it is very bad  :(
Don't open in the "Save Mode" interface ESET NOD32 Smart Security, it shall be run in Safe Mode interfaces with ESET Command Scanner (file in windows egui Scanner Coomand)) .----It is product Kaspersky Internet Security and Dr Web  in safe mode interface  a good opening for Windows. 
Probelm Quarantine logs ESET, the opening in the interface ESET -> Service> Quarantine, only 15 viruses, but inside it's clean bill, and it is only 15 digits of viruses without quarantine. 
*Problem clean "Hosts File"  path file C:\Windiws\system32\driver\etc ., It redirects to the quarantine, but there will be empty without hosts.
Please Update Anti-Spam Scanner, it is not the removal of the file Cookies, because it is important for all users. 
Please Update heuristic scanner, rootkit. 
Thank you, Im waiting for you Support administrator or a beta tester users.
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