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ESET DAEMON sucking 1GB+ of RAM on my brand new M1 24" iMac

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Well, after login I've realized how much my new iMac was sweating, quickly I opened the activity monitor and bang, ESET was roguing my resources.

I'm on MacOS 12.1 (Monterey), 16GB iMac, 8 * (CPU + GPU), ESET Cyber Security Pro Version:

Here, some Activity Monitor images:

https://bayimg.com/fAabMAAhj , https://bayimg.com/fAaBLaAHj , https://bayimg.com/FaabkaAHj , https://bayimg.com/fAabNAahJ


RAM - 1300GB (OUCH!)

  • Writen - 4.65GB (OUCH! on Kaioken X10)
  • Read - 10GB+ (...)

WHY'S THE FORK is ESET sucking crazy like this?
is it going to read/write 15GB every startup?
Is it going to take more than 1GB on RAM? oO





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Well, assuming the issue is taking place when I start up the computer and then login, this tool is useless, right?

Or is it gonna still listen after I "reboot"? I'll try anyways

Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 11.36.46 AM.png

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oohh ok, I did it, and a 61MB zip file was generated, and when at ticket creation page I try to upload the log the app itself created it's too big (21MB limit), so I have to do it all over again, but now over Terminal with no-productslogs parameter. Well. I'll just uninstall and move on to another AV solution, many thanks tho.

And to think here I can upload up to 100MB and support ticket creation page only 21MB ahahahahahaha what a joke...


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