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Eset Mobile Security For Android Updates ?

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We are reading posts regarding release of new versions ESET Mobile Security for Android on Google and on Amazon.

But there is not a word about updates of this product on ESET.com


According to ESET Team posts and check on ESET download site, we now have this situation with versions:


     3.0.964   - On Google Play
     3.0.1022  - On Amazon.com
     3.0.882.0 - On ESET.com


Why are there three different versions of same program?

It' s confusing for customers, and even more for us who need to support them...

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This is the sort of thing which can annoy consumers as unless they use a particular site (Google play) then they're not getting the latest version.

And is the new Amazon version available in stores other than the US site?

And if so how often will it be updated with the latest version or will users of Kindles be better staying with non official sites (1 mobile) to get the newer releases?

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Google, Amazon and ESET use a different system of activation so there must be different versions of the application for different providers.

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OK that makes sense, but so you can't compare this version numbers. You can't get out what version is newer or older and I agree to @Podrska2NORT it is confusing for users and much more for all who want to support them.


Why not make the version number system like this?:


ESET Mobile Security v 3.0.VVVV.X



stands for a unified version number where you can get out "how new EMS is", e.g.: 3.0.882.2


stands for one number where you can get out where you downloaded the EMS version, e.g.:
1 - ESET (respectively pure .apk)

2 - Google Play

3 - Amazon
e.g. 3.0.882.2 (this version would be version 3.0.882 from Google Play)

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I use 1 mobile app to receive the newest version on my Kindle Fire HD but I would prefer to download from eset too.

Surprised that the version on the official website isn't updated first.

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Yes I agree that there is quite a "misorder" with the version numbers.

I also added this two things to my EMS feedback.

  1. Unify the version numbers in a way like I described in the post above.
  2. Keep all versions in all app stores updated.
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