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How to save custom scans for later use?

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I've been using NOD32 AV since v2 and I feel the oversimplification of the interface over the years helps for basic tasks but it seams it's  getting harder and harder figure other things. Thank GOD you guys integrated a keyword search in the setup GUI

I'd like to save custom scans target and options for later use. I only found "repeat last scan" under advanced scans. Do we still have the option to save custom scans? if yes how?

Feel free to RTFM me 🙂 (especially that I didn't look very hard to find the answer here before asking)



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Here you select the desired profile first and then click Edit to select the desired scan targets. The selected targets will be scanned when the profile is used in a scan.


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I believe what you have to do first is create a new scan profile via Advanced Setup. See below screen shot. Then select that profile and configure scan settings for it. Eset should remember what scan settings were selected for that profile.



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You're the best... It worked.

Now the constructive comments.

  1. Seachbox with keyword "Profile" does not return ON-DEMAND profiles. Which drove me nuts; Cauz I tried before writing you.
  2. I was peeling the "Detection Engine"  which covers Real-Time, so why can't I find the "On-Demand" in that section. Oh btw, Demand or On-Demand is not found either in the search box;
  3. When I finally realized ON-DEMAND was under Malware Scans. Go figure, why there and not in the same section as Real-Time like in the good old days :-P.

Then your input made total sense.

I created a profile to test... When I wanted to delete it. Also it took me a while to figure you can't delete the selected profile. it would be nice if the GUI would be kind enough to popup a little note to say, "sorry dude, you can't delete active profile".

Thanks a lot guys! SOLVED.


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