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Creating a template/view to show unlicensend clients.

Sebas Kefir

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I encountered a "problem" today on the dashboard.

When I look at "Security Risks/Sicherheitsrisiken" I can see most of the times non connected clients or clients that need a restart (after updates for example).

But since I renewaled the license on the 28.11.21, I somehow encounter "not activated or expired clients".
Today out of nowhere 6 clients lost their activation (which were activated before).
All the clients have a constant connection to our ESET server as well a connection to the internet.

To monitor this behavior, I'd like to a template/view where I can see how many MANAGED Clients are activated and how many clients are not activated.

I tried to customize a template without success as well as customizing a template for dynamic groups. (I know that there is a pre-created template, but it does not work for me somehow).


Maybe someone can help me out.


Thanks in Advance.



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