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Question Regarding Deslock And Lost Machines

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We are currently looking at drive encryption software.


Does DESLock incorporate in to ESET RAC?  Or does it use its own Console?


If a laptop is lost or stolen for example, can DESLock lock down that machine? Scramble it, or kill it, etc?



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Deslock uses its own management console which is sql based.


If the system is on the network there are plenty of options for what you can do with the encryption. from the RAC.


However if the device is stolen, that is the purpose of encryption. If you are using FDE there is a password to boot up or access disk everytime you turn the computer on.

If the drive is removed you can't see any data.


In short, no need to wipe, kill or scramble etc.


I hope you decide to go with Deslock as i have tried it and its wonderful.

Let us know if you have further questions.

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