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Clients Status is not yellow when Agent or Security has an olld version

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Hello Folks,


i recently migrated my Windows ESET Server to Linux and still facing some little problems. Some of my clients are on an older version of Endpoint Security     grafik.png.22b8d9edf3670278457aa747f78bf174.png.

But there Icon is still grey and not yellow. On my old ESET Server every clients is yellow which has an older version of Endpoint Security or when there are Windows Updates available. grafik.png.8218ec70c22d039d6779f1413b9e14fa.png

How can i change this setting, that every client with an old Endpoint Security or Management Agent is colored yellow?



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  • ESET Staff

Hello, the "version status" of Endpoint Security and Management Agent never influenced the color of a particular line in the computer status table (neither on Windows, neither on Linux). Color coding is only visible inside computer details. 

However, there are many other ways, how to identify the machines which are running outdated version: 

STATUS OVERVIEW dashboard, where you can click on the particular application type and via drilldown get to a list, and even open them in the computers view. Or, you can initiate the update from there. 

ESET APPLICATIONS dashboard, where similar functionality is available. 


status overview.jpg

ESET Applications.jpg

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