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Uninstalling nod32 antivirus and quarantine files


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If I install the nod32 antivirus and then I uninstall it Do I lose my quarantined files or will they be restored?On my first computer I tried the trial version and I removed it but I don't know if it also deleted all the files that were in quarantine or not



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2 hours ago, Marcos said:

Quarantined files remain on the disk after product uninstallation.

Thanks fr reply. have installa nother trial version (allways the but I cant finde the file I0'm interested to restore,The file is c:\windows\system32/drivers/etc/hosts. I think maybe with second installation NOD32 have renamed the folder with the old quarantine.

Now I have yes a hosts file but is not the original/the older.Do u know where I can fide that folder?

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