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Cryptotab browser is not allowed by my Eset

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You might want to reevaluate your use of this browser:


What is CryptoTab

CryptoTab is a hijacker infection coming in both extension and browser versions (CryptoTab Browser, Crypto Tab START). No matter which one affects your system, both of them pursue the same purpose – change settings in order to promote unwanted content. Although CryptoTab is ostensibly useful for people involved in crypto, its secondary activity might bear a threat to the privacy of users. Besides changing your search engine and homepage settings to work through CryptoTab services, it is also capable of collecting personal data. The way CryptoTab stores and manages your data remains quite dubious as well. CryptoTab is known to be developed by MindSpark, a company notorious for developing and spreading various toolbars and browser hijackers detected to run suspicious changes. Not to be surprised by malicious ads and banners as well. CryptoTab may capitalize on poor advertising networks in favor of monetary gains.


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