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Eset offline instaler, application failed if no internet

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We use Eset proxy to connect to eset clout from server without internet access. I generate agent and endproduct installer in cloud console and run ones on internet connected computer to download ESETOfflinePackage. EMA version 9.0.1141.0 , ESET Server Security for MW Server 8.0.12003.0

Then i move to server whitout internet and If i try to run installer i got error message:

Application failed / There is no internet connection to validate the installer. / In case of a .....

How to instal eset product to computers whitout internet access.



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OK , i find solution but eset have bug in installer. Eset installer generated in Eset Protet console never use HTTP proxy (if you set in andvance tab).

When instal to Windows server or windows PC, just set random proxy addres in windows enviroment.  Now install eset agent and other product, you got Installer Proxy error , where you can set your eset apache proxy address and port. Dont forget to disable random windows proxy after success

Please "Eset" confirm and reair ,that http proxy setting in installer dont work for instalation process and installer use system proxy all times.


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  • ESET Staff

Unfortunately this is a known limitation. Problem is, that live installer for cloud console is never actually offline installer - method you used to pre-download installer packages is there just to simplify deployment on devices with limited connectivity, i.e. to reduce impact on network traffic. But installer itself requires internet connectivity to download it's actual configuration and other metadata. This includes configuration as present in console wizard, including HTTP proxy parameter = which means at at this moment, installer is not yet configured to use proxy from it's configuration and thus it will be attempting to use system-wide configuration to be able to fetch additional customer-specific configuration parameter...

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If I understand correctly, HTTP proxy parameter do nothing whitout internet? When is this paramter used ?

Where can i set proxy parameter for my installer and run automatically without intervention. I found that installer can use proxy but only if proxy is set incorectly in windows, see my previous post (from 12/7/21 9:37) where I found solution how to set proxy.

I can now install ESET agent on offline pc connected only by "ESET" proxy, but i must set wrong proxy to see dialog window....


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