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ESET is blocking STEAM

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ESET firewall is blocking STEAM. I already added Steam to the exception list, both for inbound and outbound connections, but still can't connect to it. 

I can only connect to it with the ESET firewall disabled, which poses a risk, as I wanted to play a MMO, and can't play it with the firewall disabled. 

Version is, Windows 7, 64 bits.

The network inspector is disabled, and I tried all of the four modes. Still can't connect. 

Already contacted support two times. No answer. I need help. 

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In automatic mode the ESET firewall blocks all non-initiated inbound traffic and allows all outbound traffic.

If an application acts as a server that users connect to from the Internet, you have several options:
1, Create a permissive bi-directional rule for the application manually.
2, Use learning mode to create the necessary rule(s) automatically.
3, Use the firewall troubleshooting wizard to unblock a recently blocked communication.

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