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Group Discount - Crypto Currency Needs Security


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I am the developer of Rimbit which is a Crypto Currency (not reliant on mining)

I have an ever expanding group of users who now have Crypto Wallets and I am concerned with their wellfare.


As funds are kept in these wallets on PCs and mobile devices, it is important that a level of security be maintained, that also does not hog resources, but maintains a high level of safety in their email, browsing and software downloading.


We have a forum to discuss the Crypto Currency and its been found that some users are using inferior virus protection and I have mentioned a few times that some users need something better than they already have.


Essentially what its boiling down to is money. It seems reasonable to spend a little money to protect a lot of money, but as any software developer or tech knows, its not so easy to convince the average "joe blow" to make the spend. Of course when they do have it, its then a case of, "Cant live without it" scenario.


So what I am asking is... Can I offer my group a special Crypto (Rimbit) discount to get them started using ESET..???


I know you have a trial, but it would be great to just step over the trial and get my group purchasing ESET for a year or so and have their systems secured once and for all.


I do apologize if this is not the correct forum or procedure to ask and if I can be pointed in the right direction to make this request, I would be much appreciative of your help.




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Hello Mark,


It's awesome you are interested in ESET and showing interested in improving your clients security.

Anythings possible, and we should be able to provide you with assistance and direction.

We have a few questions to ask you first like location.


What part of the world are you located in, as well as majority of your clients ?

Aside from providing them with links to download and purchase ESET, you would need to speak with ESET directly or speak with a distributor such as myself to get some good deals going.

I am subject only to the Southern / Central part of the United States. But we may be able to find someone in your area, or if you contact ESET by phone they can also provide you with assistance or a sales engineer to assist.

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