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Modules update failed. Please check if your license is valid.

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Purchased Eset Smart Security Premium in September 2021 and it has been working fine up until a few days ago. The app on my 2 computers say Modules update failed. Please check if your license is valid. -- I bought the license and downloaded the app directly from Eset. There is a notification in home.eset.com from last Monday that says "License canceled. The license you are using has been canceled by the license distributor. " Then "Modules update has failed. ESET Update servers cannot be reached."

Expiration of my license is Sept 2022.

Submitted a ticket two days ago and haven't received a reply.

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I did some investigating and didn't see a charge to my credit card.
When I place the order on Eset's website there was no indication that there was a problem with the order. I received an email with my license information and the new expiration date of 9/19/2022 so I figured there wasn't a problem. I did get some emails from Eset in the following month to convert my 30 day trial to a full license but I ignored them because I had already paid for it, or I had no indication that I hadn't paid for it.

I'll probably switch to a different security product. I'm really disappointed in how Eset has handled this. First, there was no indication that my order didn't go through, to the contrary I received an email with the license and the new expiration date. Second, I still haven't heard back from Eset on the support ticked, and I never got an email that a moderater had replied to this forum post. Third, after uninstalling Eset on my laptop Google Podcasts started working again. I was not able to figure out why the streaming kept buffering endlessly. Now it works perfectly.

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I'm very sorry to hear that. I've reached out to ESET, LLC to get more information about how users are notified when the payment fails and the license is cancelled because of that after some time.

I've learned that the support ticket was created on Dec 1, maybe the ticket wait time is now slightly longer due to the number of tickets in the queue. Waiting for more information on this from ESET, LLC too.

As for notifications on this forum, nobody else has complained that they didn't work. If anybody else is having issues with notifications, please let me know.

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I will also add that Eset in the U.S. has a Live Chat option which is the preferred way to communicate with them. From the Eset - U.S web site home page, mouse click on Support which will yield the following popup:


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