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Removing device - dead/disabled computer -- from license. Process frozen.

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Guest WhatNext

I've replaced a dead PC with a new laptop (Win 11) and installed ESET premium.  Now the license page in myESET shows I have overused my license. So I clicked to remove the dead PC. However, the message "We're processing your request to remove devices" remains on the web page (the processing continues?!) in a grayed-out section and the "overused" alert remains on "usage status."  I refreshed the page and now the dead PC no longer shows, but the "processing your request" message remains on the top of the page and the "overused" alert remains. There's an old phone I need to remove as well, but this doesn't seem to be possible -- no option -- perhaps because the message shows the process continues to remove the PC.  However both the current and old phone are shown as "not connected."   The overview panel shows 3 devices connected while the license covers two -- "overused."

What to do?  How to proceed? 

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Are you a different user that this one?


Please make sure to sign up for the forum when reporting issues as per this Quick questions subforum rules:

4, Ask only simple questions. If you want to report an issue, inquire about your license, etc., create a forum account first. This forum is not intended for lengthy discussions.

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