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Move A Home License From 1 PC To Another

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Guest SleepyGuy

I am considering a purchase of a multi-device, multi-year "Home" version of ESET (version undecided right now).

The current "Black Friday" deal looks good to me. I would purchase via the ESET website.

I know that 1 of the PC devices, a laptop, will no longer be used during the lifetime of the ESET license. I plan to remove the hard drive from that laptop before I have it recycled.

I have read multiple posts in this forum saying there may be an online license management webpage or something like that but I am having difficulties learning more about it.

My most recent AV vendor requires that I open a support ticket and wait for them to do something on their backend. It is a hassle I wish to avoid.

The question is: How do I recover that license key from that no longer used laptop so I can reuse it on a new laptop in the future?

Thank you.

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You can uninstall ESET on the laptop. This will free the seat and enable you to activate ESET on another machine. Alternatively you can remove the license from the device via the license manager at home.eset.com.

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Guest WhatNext

I'm trying to remove an old, dead computer from the license via the license manager but the message "We're processing your request to remove devices." remains at the top of the page, even after a refresh. The over usage indicator remains. I need (apparently?) to also remove a phone no longer used but this isn't possible -- no options available--as long as the "processing" message appears and the top part of the page is grayed out.

Curiously both phones are shown as "unconnected" although ESET is active on my current phone.

How do I get the "processing your request" operation to finish and the page return to a normal state?


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