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Hmm, January 2014 too.

Did you know ESET's growth has been 524% over the past 5 years :P


I am selling ESET like hotcakes in San Antonio, Texas, USA and despite all i have been through, my goal is to spread the product and make it known throughout the entire city over the next year or two.

I already have meetings scheduled next week with one of the main founders, reps , of ESET's partnership program.

We will be planning to expand and turn / convert the entire city !!

Goodbye Norton, Mcafee, Kaspersky, and all the rest of programs that clients keep bringing into my office for cleaning of PUA's and bloatware etc etc, because of bad firewall drivers and threats that slipped by.....

Hello ESET !!!

Hello Livegrid user count and collaboration !!!!

All my clients participate in Livegrid , because i install and configure it, then tell them don't mess with it! :):lol:

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