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Removed Devices AutoConnect

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Id like to do some tidying up of our Protect Console, and remove some devices that havent connected for a long time. 

We believe most of these old devices no longer exist, but not 100% on all of them. (Long story)

If we remove them from Protect without removing the agent from the machine, if the machine is turned on and connects to the internet, will it re-join Prtect, or will re need to re-install the agent. 

I would like it to automatically add itself again if possible.

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  • ESET Staff

Just be aware that when doing so (removing active device), it might happen that data stored for such device will be removed with no possibly to restore such data - this includes especially various detection logs from past. Whether this happens depends on when data cleanups are executed, which is randomized, so removal is not guaranteed until device is not in "removed" state for longer than a day.

Also note that "objects" such as configuration policies or tasks assigned directly to such devices will be invalidated, so removal should be done with care.

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