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ESET Mirror Tool 1.0.1258.0 (incorrect product filtration)


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If you execute the command:

MirrorTool.exe --repositoryServer AUTOSELECT --filterFilePath filter.txt --dryRun test.csv

with the following contents of the file "filter.txt":

  "products": [
        "app_id": "com.eset.apps.business.ees.windows",
        "version": ">=8.1.2037.2",
        "languages": ["en_US"],
        "os_types": ["windows"],
        "platforms": ["x64"]

then the results will also include products com.eset.tools.installers.bootstrapper_era and com.eset.apps.business.era.agent.

Why so?

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  • ESET Staff

Hi labynko,

the products com.eset.tools.installers.bootstrapper_era and com.eset.apps.business.era.agent must be always downloaded because without them it would not be able to create All-in-one Installer in ESET Protect. That is main reason why mentioned products are not affected by filter parameters.

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