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Error code: 0x00040027

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Just want to relate the Kafkaesque experience of trying to get support to my answer as to what the error was that I received when trying to activate my copy of 'ESET Cyber Security Pro (for Mac)' after re-installing it.

After a week of no contact from support they finally get in touch that it means all the licenses have been used.



: "Error code: 0x00040027"

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As your local ESET partner have already explained, you have probably exceeded the number of seats permitted by your license. If you think this cannot be the case, please provide your public license ID in the form of XXX-XXX-XXX.

Last but not least, we kindly ask you to communicate in this public forum in a polite way.

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Thank you for your input Marcos and for completely ignoring my point (and for removing any critic of Eset Support service)!! Which obviously you don't take seriously or free speech by removing not only the obfuscated 'rude' word but the WHOLE point that I was making about them not replying to my 6 emails until a week after I sent the first one. And the fact that the error number explanation is NOWHERE on their site (or even here for that matter!); causing me to WASTE hours of my time. So I guess one is only allowed to say things that are praiseworthy and not critical. I shall have to remember that in future. It kind of fits in with the modern paradigm of censorship everywhere. So thanks for your obvious objectivity. By the way your captcha system is beyond ridiculous! ;) 

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