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Windows Antimalware executable


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This is my first time posting in this community. My Windows 10 was recently updated to version 1903. Because I use NOD32 Antivirus software, I can't turn off a service called Windows Antimalware Executable. It constantly consumes 10% of my CPU. I verified all of Windows Defender's policies and services, and they all appear to be disabled.

Are you able to assist me?

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5 hours ago, jamesjordan said:

My Windows 10 was recently updated to version 1903.

That's strange since that ver. is no longer supported. It also might have something to do with Eset's interfacing with Windows Security Center auto disabling of Defender as the real-time security solution.



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I believe the Windows Antimalware Executable is a component of the Microsoft Defender software, and not from ESET. 

Even though ESET is installed on your computer and Microsoft Defender is not active, it will still run itself periodically in order to download updates and perhaps even periodically check for threats.  It could be that one of these operations is being performed, and that is why you are seeing the activity from the program.

Unfortunately, though, as it is a Microsoft program we do not have any specific input into this behavior, so you will need to check with Microsoft to find out why its processor utilization is so high.


Aryeh Goretsky


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