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Unused ESET license key and expiration time

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Guest Kabum

Considering the promotions now on Black Friday I was thinking about purchasing a license for ESET Internet Security and activating it only when my current security product solution expires (in 04 months), this is possible or I run the risk of not being able to activate the key at that time?



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Basically retail boxes contain an activation code that can be used within a longer period to get a license key. However, the online license becomes valid as of the date of purchase.

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5 hours ago, Marcos said:

However, the online license becomes valid as of the date of purchase.

As a rule if a renewal license is purchased from your in-country Eset eStore web site, existing license time will be added to the newly purchased license. In your case, 4 months would be added to a 1 year license resulting in a license that expires in 16 months. However, Eset license renewal policies vary by country so you need to verify the above with your in-country Eset distributor prior to renewal purchase.

Finally, many Black Friday sales only apply to new license purchases. As such, the above existing license time addition is N/A.

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