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ESET Console Owner/License


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We have licenses for ESET Endpoint, Server Security, and Full Disk Encryption. The issue is that we have duplicate entries of the same product with two different owners, one of which is under an employee that is no longer with us. How do we remove the other contact, and condensing the product names into one instead of duplicates? 2 Owner names showing a key icon on one, and a person icon on the other (I'm guessing is a superuser).

In EBA, the ex-employee is listed as a superuser and we would like to at least change the username.

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  • ESET Staff

From description you provided it seems, that the same license was added into console using two methods:

  • Added license by it's key, either manually in the console or even during deployment of console itself (indicated by key icon)
  • Added license by EBA accounts (indicated by EBA account and person icon in the list)

Solution to this might be to consolidate this list. I would recommend to first:

  1. Add the same license using your EBA account, just to verify it will work
  2. Remove original copies of the same license, i.e. the one tied to old/unused EBA account and the one entered by key
  3. Correct existing activation, deployment and installer tasks, ad they are most probably referencing licenses that you just removed - tasks and installer will be marked as invalid and won't work until they are updated with proper licenses

Removing and re-adding licenses won't have any impact on products functionality (they will remain activated) but new deployments and activation might fails from the console in case tasks won't be updated after license re-adding.

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