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Solutions to remove ESET Nod32 Antivirus Program (installed automatically with ESET free online scanner)


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I downloaded an esetonlinescanner.exe file to run a quick scan which it did help remove some malware. However, I'm now stuck with a ESET Nod 32 Antivirus in my Programs list that I am unable to uninstall to try out other antiviruses to know which is the most suitable for my PC. 

The program is password protected to gain any further access or do any other action and I was not provided any info or password as I only just downloaded the free scanner that was available online.

Really (Desperately) looking for help to remove it and was wondering if anyone has faced this issue before and if there are any solutions to it. I even applied an ESET Nod32 30-day trial to reinstall the program in hopes of removing it only to be blocked by the old version as I couldn't get pass the complete installation process or even keying in my the trial product license number. I'm close to consider factory resetting my PC just to remove it and still can't be sure on whether it will be removed completely.

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