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I have the firewall filtering mode set to interactive (have since day 1 to control when certain programs are able to contact the internet).  Today I stopped receiving prompts to allow or deny any applications access to the internet.  This has caused some programs to not be able to have access and others I prefer ask each time are allowed.  No rules exist for any of the programs in the advanced -> rules -> edit area in advanced set up.  It is still set to filtering - interactive mode.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

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Did you install v15 from scratch or you installed an older version long before, created certain firewall rules and upgraded to v15 over time?

However, since you have posted anonymously in the Quick questions subforum, please sign up for the forum, re-post in the apppropriate product subforum and provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector.

Prior to collecting ELC logs, reproduce the issue when a particular communication is blocked and no prompt window popped up. In the advanced setup -> tools -> diagnostics click "Create" to generate an ekrn dump. Then collect logs with ELC.

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I updated as they were released and ESET notified me.  (When I turn off the firewall, programs not working because of the issue function).

I did perform the log collector action based on what you've described (which is what the knowledge base suggests too) for when support asks for it.  On another note, I tried to recreate the event ad see if it logged in the  area that allows you to see what's been logged in the last 15, 30 or 60 minutes with nothing shown as blocked.

I submitted a request to support this morning but don't know when I'll hear back.  I thought I'd see if people with more knowledge knew here to try to resolve it quickly.  It's been inconvenient. 

I appreciate the fast reply and input though.  Thank you, Macros.

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