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New device detected alert appears during time machine backup (NAS)


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Hello everyone,


I'm facing an annoying behavior. "New device detected" alert appears during time machine backup (NAS) several times a day during Time Machine backups. I'm using NAS storage to backup data.  I'm checking "remember" checkbox every single time, but as far as I understand, as far as MacOS is generating unique GUIDs for every backup it's not helping.

I've tried:

- To add /Volumes/.timemachine/*.* to list of file system exclusions

- To uncheck medias to scan: removable drives and network media (I cannot disable real-time protection completely, because it's a corporate laptop and some options are controlled by the system administration)



But it's not working, I still need to click "No action" 10-15 times a day if time machine auto backup is enabled.

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