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Endpoint isn’t fully communicating with the Cloud Manager


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One of our endpoints doesn’t seem to be communicating fully with the Cloud manager. 

We have ESET Management Agent and Endpoint Security installed on the endpoint. The endpoint shows up in ESET Protect Cloud. I ran the tasks to activate the licenses from the cloud, and that appears to have been successful after a 2nd attempt. (3AP-KFS-A7C ESET Endpoint Security for Windows and 3AP-KFS-A7C ESET Dynamic Threat Defense for Endpoint Security + Server Security)

The GUI on the endpoint shows the license is valid, the modules are up to date, the initial scan ran, all statuses are green.

However, the Cloud manager’s Details page for the endpoint is missing some detail. The Products & Licenses section shows no products installed, but it does show the licenses applied. The Installed Applications tab is empty. And the hardware details are missing.

I tried uninstalling and re-installing. But the results are the same.

Any ideas on how I can get this fully functional? I’m concerned that it isn’t communicating properly with the cloud.


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