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Risks and privacy issues for workstation machine when installing ESET Remote Management

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I have question about Remote Management tool. If as a service provider I was asked to install
ESET Endpoint Solutions package that includes:
- ESET Remote Management (This computer will be managed remotely)
- ESET Management Agent and ESET Endpoint Antivirus for OS X

What implication it brings from security and privacy point of view after installing it on workstation?
- what commands can be run on workstation?  What data remote administrator can possibly have access to and to what data access is never possible? (files, network calls, etc). What commands can be run on workstation by remote administrator?
- what are the risk if administrator account will be used by a bad actor for a workstation ?
- what are the risk of changes done by administrator that can impact functionality of workstation (software, etc)?

Would you agree to install ESET security endpoint with Remote Management tool if requested by your client? I would like to know what risk and implications it brings from workstation's user perspective for accessing data/doing action without knowledge of workstation user. 

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  • ESET Staff

It is hard to evaluate risks as it depend on how management console will be used and how access rights are configured there, but what you can expect is that once device is managed remotely, user of console will possibly have administrative access to your device, as security products tend to have access to system and all files (for purpose of scanning). In terms of macOS, it technically means that remote administrator will be able to perform actions that normally only root user can. Possible actions might be limited for specific console users, but there will still at least one administrator that will have full access, which you might consider as an risk in case you have no visibility nor control of how access rights are configured in the console.

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