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Sage 1000 / Java performance after upgrading Eset


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Our customer is running Sage 1000 on the desktop which is a Java client.

Everything was ok until ESET was upgraded from version 7 to 8 on the client devices.

Sage now takes forever to load.

ESET was downgraded again to v7 and the issue went away.

What is causing these slow response times when ESET v8 is installed and how can it be resolved?

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There should be basically no difference in protocol filtering between Endpoint 7 and Endpoint 8 as long as you use the same settings. Couldn't it be that you had SSL filtering disabled in v7 and now it's enabled? From the security point of view we recommend keeping it enabled so that the traffic from https websites is filtered and scanned. A lot of malware is on https websites nowadays so scanning SSL is important.

I would recommend to carry on as follows:
- enable advanced logging under Help and support -> Technical support
- reproduce the issue
- disable logging
 - collect logs with ESET Log Collector
- raise a support ticket with your local ESET distributor and provide the logs for perusal.

Also it'd be interesting to know if temporarily disabling SSL filtering makes a difference. You could also try excluding the IP address of the server that Sage communicates with from SSL filtering.

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