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Suspected Botnet Alert

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I keep getting an ESET Alert/Warning that an application (firefox.exe) on my computer is trying to communicate with a malicious server ( on the internet. I got this message on 3 computers on my network.

I've already scanned with Malwarebytes, Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, Microsoft Safety Scanner and ESET and there was no problem detected.

On two computers, I uninstalled Firefox, and it seems I don't have this warning anymore. On the 3rd computer, I uninstalled the Hoxx VPN plugins and I also don't have this warning anymore.

You will find the Eset log attached to the 3rd computer. Thank you !




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My understanding is that a malicious communication from that IP address had been seen in recent months and the IP address is ok now. The block is going to expire tomorrow anyways.

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