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How change license device from portal ?


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Hi, i've ask to support if is possible change device from a license to other in the portal my.eset.com .. they write me YES.. but i don't understand how do it .. and i don't find nothing about this in the guide..

my example:
- i have various licence already activated (for 3/5 devices)
- in the license (ex."2021") i have 3 devices (ex. PC1, PC2 and PC3)
- i've already activated a new license (ex."2022")

how can move the PC1 from license "2021" to license "2022" in the portal my.eset.com ?

thanks all and sorry for my english (i'm italian)

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It is not possible to do it via the ESET HOME portal. You can change license on a machine via Help and support -> Change license.

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