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banking and payment protection

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I have done an update of Smart Security over the weekend, unfortunately the banking and payment protection desktop app keeps opening into an existing chrome window.  I have always had it opening in a separate browser window, which I prefer.

I turned off secure all browsers but made no difference, I had tried enable protected websites turned off and on; that made no difference either.

Can someone help?

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ChromeVersion 95.0.4638.69 (Official Build) (64-bit)

The banking protection app i've had for a year i don't know what version it is?  This has only happened since i updated the AV last weekend, it was working fine ?

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I have the same version of Chrome and redirection works alright.

What bank website did you attempt to open?

Do you have the setting "Secure all browsers" disabled and redirection enabled?


Is the bank website in the list of protected websites and is set to ask or to open in a secure browser?

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