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Windows Accounts Are Not Password Protected

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I have problem with smart security 7 : 


Anti-Theft Optimization warning



Windows Accounts are Not Password Protected


however , i using password to protect  my windows 7  

help plz 

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If you boot to safe mode and log in as Administrator, is that account password protected too?

On windows 7, local admin should be disabled by default.

If it's not, using an admin privileged account open a command prompt with elevated privileges and disable it 

"net user administrator /active:no"


I don't suspect AT should see it or consider it a security risk if disabled.


I would definitely type "net user" alone and see how many and what accounts are listed.


Just add a password directly from the command prompt using the same syntax I presented.



Where account = the account name and password = the password you wish to add if it doesn't have one.


Good luck.

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