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Legacy OS with EP Cloud


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Hello guys,

We've some customers with legacy OS like Server 2003, 2008 and so on. Unfortunately it's not possible at this time to migrate them to a newer OS so it's not a solution.

We know that it's impossible to use Agent 8.1 on those machines but we also know that older agents like 7.X works with legacy OS and also EP Cloud.

Is it possible to get host name from a machine that is currently connecting to cloud from status.html log and use that data to manually install an older agent version?

For example, use XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.a.ecaserver.eset.com and EBA admin account when installing older agent version.

PS: we migrated a legacy 2003 server with agent 7.2 to cloud from an on-premise instance and it works like a charm. This question is for a server that is not connecting to on-premise so this path is not possible.


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